Machinery Supply
Production line
Joint investment
Material Supply

By Using Experienced Team in Management and Technical we Run different Size of projects Such as Steel making projects , solar Devices

production line establishment ,Industrial Factories Establishment and Etc. ,

In Home Appliance production line projects Already we involved in one of our projects with Estimated 50 Million USD investment .
Our Support could be in Trading , Technical and financial Management , Training and services for our clients.

Roll Forming Production line used

in steel and construction projects.


Girder truss Machinery designing and

Supply used in construction projects.

Factory Establishment
Establishing TV assembling line and SKD parts Supply for HYUNDAI Brand in Iran .

Battery Technology and Equipment

JPZON and His Joints in Germany and China owns various specialized equipment including a full set of sintered plate production line and technology Supported By VARTA Germany TOYO Japan /China , a set of briquetting & filling equipment, needling & drilling equipment and technology for pocket plate imported from Japan; a set of extrusion coating production line and technology with high precision imported from overseas. Besides, our Group Battery has set up its own quality testing center with more than 1000 square meter in China , including performance testing room and environment testing room, which contains many kinds of advanced battery and supporting power testing equipment. There are over 40 professional testers for our Joint quality testing center, in where 5 testers are titled with a senior professional post. The sewage treatment system of Produced Battery is one of the best ones in Germany and China with advanced membrane separation technology imported from overseas.


Joint Factory in China :

The Factory has gained 57 national patents, finished and undertook over 100 ministerial and national major engineering projects.It is mainly engaged in R & D, manufacture and sale of :

lithium-ion power system

nickel-ion battery

silver-zinc battery

sintered type nickel-cadmium battery

pocket type nickel-cadmium battery

gas recombination nickel-cadmium battery

nickel-metal hydride battery

and power managementsystem.

The battery and service that Group provided are widely used in :

Railway locomotives, urban rail transit, electric vehicles, Car industries , petroleum and petrochemical, communication base station, mining, electric tools, telecom network & utility power, emergency lighting, renewable energy (wind energy and solar PV energy), AGV, UPS, diesel engine starting, electrical household appliances and other fields. After more than 40 years development produced products has become the power industry leader of China. Now our Group concentrating on providing customers with leading technology, quality and reliable power supply system application solutions with following references and Certificates samples ;

★GB/T19001-2008 / ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certificate
★GB/T24001:2004/ ISO 14001:2004 environment management certificate
★GB/T28001:2011/ OHSAS 18001:2007, IDT occupational health and safety management system certificate
★AS9001C certificate
★IRIS certificate
★Until the end of December, 2014, Produced Battery has gained57 national patents.
★Produced Battery has awarded as the most influential brand enterprise in Chinas battery industry.
★our Battery has gained the honor National Science and Technology Progress Award which is awarded by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China.
★produced Battery is the qualified Parts Manufacturer (PMA) approved by Southern Airlines, Air China, Civil Aviation Administration of China.

★TUV Rheinland EN62259: 2004 product type approval certificate(KGL, KGM)

★TUV Rheinland IEEE 693:2005, ICC 2013 California building code, ICC2012 international building code certificate (battery rack)

★CE certificate (NF-S)

★he test report signed and issued by SGS, and it is verified that Lead, Cadmium and Mercury contents of Nickel Iron battery do not exceed the limit mentioned in the Articles 4(1) and 21(3) of Directives 2006/66/EC.


★TUV Rheinland IEC60623: 2001 product type approval certificate(KPX)

★TUV Rheinland EN61373:2010 impact and vibration test of rolling stock equipment standard product type approval certificate

★KEMA IEC60623:2001(4th edition) product type approval certificate

★The test report signed and issued by SGS, the burning test and burning concomitancy phenomenon of rail vehicles material and its composition was carried out according to DIN54837:2003 and classified according to DIN5510-2:2003.

★CE certificate (KPX)
★IRIS certificate

★Korean KS certificate

Production line Establishment process :

JPZON could cooperate with Clients to support complete production line from A – Z material supply / production line for selected batteries by Establishing following factories :

  • Battery assembling production line
  • Lead melting furnace / Molding subjected to battery production line
  • PV and Row material production line
  • Batteries PE Boxes production line
  • Battery recycling line
  • Solar power Plant to Supply Electricity for Factory

Depend on project size and factory capacity each line will be deigned and selected through our Joint companies / Factories in Germany / China and / or other targeted Countries.


Production line in Brief :

Under mention provided information would be considered such as sample of General plan for Battery factory Establishment (Assembling line ) and final designing of factory and future Plan would be considered and arranged based on final understanding between JPZON Group and Clients Engineers teams.


Starter Battery Production line in quick view :

  1. Melting Furnace & Strap casting Machine
  • ( Lead melting )
  • Casting lead plus molding material
  • Lead preparing for production
  1. PV Cutting and preparing
  • Positive / negative Cells preparing
  1. Group Burner Machine
  • Tools for welding material and setting positive / negative cells
  • Feeding material
  1. Acid filling
  2. Short tester Machine
  3. Battery Cover Adjustment
  4. Heat sealer Machine
  5. Leakage Tester
  6. Codding machine
  7. Enveloping Machine


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