with back up of our EPC contractors in Germany / Iran and related experience in Iran telecom project’s team , In 2017 JPZON Start Establish Joint cooperation with his Partners in Oman to lead Joint companies with thirty year Experience of Joint members for telecommunication projects in the field of designing, consultancy and supply telecommunications equipment and operations in Oman, Islamic republic of Iran and world wide countries telecom projects, with cooperation and support of his Technical teams and Joint companies in Germany , Croatia , Austria , Korea , China , Oman and Iran .

Base on Group Policy and Experience and with cooperation of Joint company Technical Team we are able to Run Different Type of Projects Such as EPC + F company Include: urban and between urban transmission, Different types of digital switch, soft switch, power supply services , installation of transmission towers, all of the mobile communications, all data fields including the internet, intranet and MPLS activities etc.

Our Group Services ;


  • Transfer Technology
  • Designing & Develop Telecom Projects (EPC + F)
  • Supplying Material for Projects.
  • Issuing licenses and Financing Small and Large Projects with cooperation of his partners in Germany, Croatia, Oman, China and Iran Plus their foreign Joints for Oman and other countries Market with 30 years Experience of his members.
  • Cooperate with projects owners such as Local and overseas Engineer Team / Material Supplier / Consultant Team to Supply and manage Engineering , Material and Finance for projects in (EPC+F) Bases such as;
  • Engineering / consulting / Designing for Telecom Projects
  • Solar Power bases for Telecom projects
  • Solar Power Plant projects

Products and Services :


  • Services Maintenance of telephone systems infrastructures

  • Maintenance of GMS, DCS, UMTS technologies radio equipment
  • Maintenance of transmission, microwaves and optical fiber equipment
  • Maintenance of mobile stations
  • Maintenance of pneumatic communications networks
  • Maintenance of fixed, ADSL telecommunication networks
  • Maintenance of supply networks
  • Installation of GSM, DCS and UMTS mobile operators telecommunications systems
  • Installation of microwaves and optical fiber transmission equipment
  • Installation and deployment of telecommunications mobile units Installations in different work areas:
    • civil work
    • equipment rooms
    • wiring
    • air conditioned equipment
    • power plants
    • circuit board
    • Public services
    • Renovation of Active and Passive Executed projects
    • Telecom Products Supplying
    • telecommunications-towers

List of Executed Projects since 2000 which set up and Run by our Group members and technical teams ;


Project owner : MTN Co. ( IRANCEL )


Contractor ,Year

Ericson Co. CIVIL operation ICB Lattic for Sit ,,, 2011

Iran – Fars , Bushehr Province


Ericson Co. Civil Operation , Road making ,,, 2011

Iran – Fars , Busher Provinces


Ericson Co. CIVIL operation ICB Lattic for Sit ,,, 2012

Iran – Fars , Bushehr , Hormozgen Province


Ericson Co. Site Accusation , Power ,,, 2013

Iran – Fars , Bushehr Province


Ericson Co. CIVIL operation ICB Lattic , Root top ,,, 2014

Power Supply , Accusation for Iran – Fars

Bushehr and Khuzestan Provinces


Ericson Co. CIVIL operation ICB Lattic , Root top ,,, 2015

Power Supply , Accusation for Iran – Fars

Bushehr and Khuzestan Provinces


Ericson Co. Civil Power TI ,,, 2017

Iran – Hormozgan Province



Telecom Material Supply For Projects

Since our company Established have been registered We are proud to state that we have achieved to have cooperation high rated Telecom factories products Manufacturers in Germany , Korea , china , Iran and worldwide to cover selected projects material and machinery . Our reliability and persistent pursuit for quality has earned us a reputation for impeccable quality and total the range is made using electrical and Electronic type. Also, we use innovative material with high ranking technologies with the support of modish computerized equipment and machines. In the prime location of Iran and Oman . Here, our supply Products like Fiber Optic cables , COD Pipes , power transmission poles etc, are produces in high range of EU and CE Standard Plus safely as well as categorically, till the life time of standard consumption use in each items . To ensure protection of these products, we have updated and obligate Joint factories and producers by modern safety and vigilance devices in the premise, which shares excellent connectivity with varied roads, stations and ports that help us in timely delivering the products at the client’s location. Moreover, our Joint storekeeper looks after well management of the warehouse and its activities.

Our company is developing a huge range of items, to satisfy the clients requirement:

  • Fiber Optic cable and accessories
  • Telecom Transmission cables
  • Telecom Transmission Boxes
  • Tower for Power Distribution/Transmission
  • Cassette fiber optic
  • OCDF high capacity rack
  • Other Telecom products


  • Milanweg 2 , 65321 , Heidenrod, Germany
  • + 49 611 33477248